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Sarah's Story

In 2019 Sarah Shellabear suffered a stroke and passed away without saying goodbye to her 3 daughters, 4 grandchildren, her husband of 35 years and her many friends. She was only 61. With the best years of her life ahead of her she had suffered a premature death from Stroke, the silent killer. What we have learned from Prof Graeme Hankey is that Stroke is 90% preventable therefore our family have established the Sarah Shellabear Incubator Stroke Fund to raise money for Research and Education by creating the first Chair of Stroke Medicine in Western Australia in association with the Perron Institute and the University of Western Australia.
Your support for this cause would be really appreciated so that Sarah’s life and so many others like her are not wasted and that there is a lasting Legacy for future Generations, for the lasting benefit of all families.

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